To Partners-Concerned Rules of Air Import

Master Airway Bill (MAWB) and Manifest - Issuance Procedure
a. MAWB is only accepted on PREPAID.
b. Do declare on back-to-back or consolidation shipment in box “ Nature & quantity” this only clause: CONSOLIDAITED CARGO AS PER ATTACHED MANIFEST
c. Do issue a Cargo Manifest and if shipments are on Collect do declare the total charges of each HAWB.
House Airway Bill (HAWB) and Manifest - Issuance Procedure
a. HAWB are acceptable on Prepaid and Collect. It is a MUST to declare the value of the airfreight amount no matter if the shipment is on Prepaid or Collect. Do declare the place of issue the country which originated the shipments, the date and signature the original and copies of the HAWB.
b. On EXW or FCA shipments, do declare the BREAKDOWN of every charge.
Cargo Labels
  This rule is applied on back-to-back and consolidated shipments. All pieces must have a label affixed showing the declaration of the MAWB No., HAWB No., total pieces and etc.
Customs Penalties
a. The customs will detain the shipment with these irregularities:
  Divergence with the weight
  Divergence with the number of pieces
  Incomplete labeling identification like missing MAWB No. Or HAWB No.
b. The costs and the fines will be invoiced by KANKun Global against your company.
General Rules Concerned
a. Your company is responsible to provide the effective MAWB, HAWB and Manifest. Hereof details on the documents should be valid and accurate. Your Company is also responsible to notify KANKun Global by Pre-Alert as soon as the departure of the flight.
b. KANKun Global is responsible to release the air freight shipments to corresponding consignees and assures the proper delivery. KANKun Global is also responsible to keep your company aware of the status of the shipments.
c. KANKun Global deserves the local charges collected from the consignee for the service of delivery. KANKun Global is also on the duty to collect freight charges and payback to your company for HAWB in terms of freight collect. Hereof all amounts should be accounted as contract.
d. Your company and KANKun Global share the profits and undertake the risks together and both sides should make efforts in case emergencies occur.


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