To Partners-Air Import Tariff

Customs Clearance Fee: RMB350/BL
Quarantine Fee: RMB200/BL
Customs Inspection Fee: RMB150 (if any)
Commodity Inspection Fee: RMB150 (if any)
Airline Handling Fee: RMB0.56/kg Min:RMB80/BL
THC: RMB0.50/kgs Min:RMB80/BL
Storage Fee: RMB0.21/kgs/day Min:RMB70/BL
(Three days free demurrage for consignee in Shanghai; five days for consignee outside Shanghai, double charges if exceeding 10days)

Delivery Fee
1), PVG Airport to Shanghai Downtown Areas (-60kms radius)
-2000kgs / -10cbm: RMB450/SHPT
-5000kgs / -20cbm: RMB800/ SHPT
-10,000kgs / -40cbm: RMB1200/ SHPT
2), PVG Airport to Shanghai Suburban Areas (+60kms radius)
Please plus 20% based on “1, PVG Airport to Shanghai Downtown Areas (-60kms radius)”

PVG Airport to other cities in China, please refer to Inland LTL Tariff

Delivery Insurance Fee
0.5% x Commercial Invoice Value + Handling Fee: RMB90.0; Min:RMB120/SHPT + Handling Fee:RMB90


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